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Book of Shadows Spiritual Guide Book

 Format: PDF  Author: CathAngela Hobbs  Category: journals, New Age-Spiritual, planners  Publisher: Sojournstar Media  Published: 2020  ISBN: 9781716654213  Pages: 33  Country: USA  Language: English  File Size: Price USD - $24.99  Tags: crystalsessential oilsgoalsherbsLulu PublishingMagicmedicinalmeditationmood trackersPotentsRitualsspellsspiritualTarotyoga |  Buy Now

Compiled for magical and spiritual works. Use these pages for everything from Tarot, Astrology patterns, crystal healing, or use the pages to create your own Book of Shadows. Add extra pages, your own images, create junk journals, and more. Limited only to your imagination! Here is a 33 page journal/planner with 3 full sized book covers great for anyone who needs a log or journal of the spiritual kind. Add or remove pages, make it your own, print and use just a few pages relevant to a specific magical, or spiritual theme, including Tarot.

Comes in Epub format, you can edit this book to create a personalized version.

(Paperback version avaiable soon at Barnes and Noble)

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