Hello, I’m Angela. I’m an Artist, writer & ex entertainer with stories, articles, & tips in many niches & genres! Visit the following page >> www.digiscrapcafe.com for links to all my projects.

What is “Sojournstar Media”? Sojournstar is derived from my old lighting and sound stage business “Sojourn Productons” in Los Angeles Ca. Doing business in 1977 – 1982. We also did photography, and press kits, and I coached a few upcoming vocalists in the art of stage and projection. It was me and a partner and a lighting team. After disolving the company, I went on doing production on my own, under the name Sojournstar. The original business name “Sojourn Productions” is now owned and used by another production company in the middle of the United States somewhere.

Originally I was mostly dealing with the music and film industry. and later incorporated other media including art, design, staging, writing and publishing. I wrote several articles over the years, a majority on the music industry, and originally started with a platform called Associated Content, a place who hired writers and paid them for their stories.

Unfortunatly it was bought out from under writers publishing there by Yahoo, and many writers still had their stories online, but much like me, could not access their published pages, no matter how many requests to fix this were sent.

Ironically, and maybe some would say poetic justice for Yahoo, the writers department, called Yahoo Voices, went to the dump around 5 years later.

Sojournstar Media has been used both online and offline, as an office on street level, to publish online, and book bands and entertainment into venues, and more. Now it is just me, doing the work of 10, and trying the best I can in this crazy insane world, and attempting to stay above the water level! All projects I build are done under the Sojournstar Media brand, and the Color My Agenda brand has everything to do with graphics and content.

Join me here, and feel free to submit a link to your website, or if you are an author, I would love to have you submit a book to the directory. 

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