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Coloring Book of Shadows

 Format: Hard Cover  Author: Amy Cesari  Category: New Age-Spiritual  ISBN: 1953660290  Pages: 192  Language: English  Dimension: 6 x 0.44 x 9 inches  Tags: artBook of ShadowscraftsfantasyGoddessgraphicsgreen witchherbsmagickpaganspiritualwicca |  Buy Now

Explore the magic of herbs and plants in this grimoire of green witchcraft.

Have you always felt a connection to plants and nature? Plants are magic, and Green Witch’s Herbal will show you simple ways to work with plants and herbs in your everyday life.

A different kind of spell book, Green Witch’s Herbal is a coloring book to guide you through common ways to use herbs in magic, with illustrated note pages (in alphabetical order) so you can create your own personalized herbal reference grimoire.

Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps into magical herbalism or a witch who wants to re-inspire your lifelong practice, Green Witch’s Herbal will give you a beautiful little space to experience the magic of herbs in your own color and style.


Green Witch’s Herbal Includes:

– A fully illustrated guide to working with 78 common (and notorious) witch’s plants and herbs.
– Illustrated space (in alphabetical order) to take notes and expand this book into your own personalized herbal reference and grimoire.
– Witchy aesthetics in the style of an enchanting medieval herbal.
– A brief appendix (with room to add your own categories) to reference herbs and their elemental properties and energetic intentions.
– Printed on one side of the page.

Follow the magic of the green witch’s path in this enchanting book of herbs.

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