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Water Nymphs 2 Wall Calendar

 Author: CathAngela Hobbs  Category: calendars  Publisher: Sojournstar Media  Published: 2023  Pages: 26  Country: USA  Language: English  Dimension: US Letter Landscape (11 x 8.5 in / 279 x 216 mm)  Tags: 18 month calendar Jan. 2024 - Jun. 2025artcalendarfantasyfemaleGoddessgraphicsLulu PublishingnimphsSteampunkVictorianWarriorwater |  Buy Now

Beautiful water nymphs and fairies of the ocean and sea. Glistening with droplets of water, ocean waves, and fairy dust. This is the second edition of Water Nymphs. 18 month calendar Jan. 2024 – Jun. 2025.

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  • Amy Cesari
    Amy Cesari is an author and illustrator and has a Master's Degree in Business including a Bachelor’s in Industrial Art, and Advanced Studies in Various Magical Practices
  • D. W. Brooks
    I have always been an enthusiastic reader. Breakfast in my childhood home was a slow process as I would read any object on the table—newspapers, cereal boxes, milk cartons, anything.
  • CathAngela Hobbs
    Publishing brand ~ SOJOURNSTAR MEDIA ~ Author Names ~ CathAngela Hobbs ~ Angela Hobbs ~ Design Brand ~ AHDesign ~

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