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“Justin Tanner writes great plays so it’s no surprise that his writing on film reads like a character exploring his world, and exploring himself. You don’t have to like the movies to enjoy his witty and thoughtful company.”
~ Michael Tolkin, Screenwriter, Oscar Winner for “The Player”

Embracing his love of cinema and his knowledge of the narrative, Los Angeles playwright Justin Tanner spent two years as a film critic, writing over 112 reviews and screening many more movies, searching for the profound moments of the greatest meaning. “Available Light, Film Studies 2022-2023 presents 68 essays that will address new thinking on filmmaking and inspire fresh thought.

"The prose is lyrical and insightful, beautifully illuminating films that need to be celebrated. It reminds me of the writing of some of my favorite film critics (Kael, Ebert, Canby) in that even if I strongly disagree with what’s being said—and sometimes I do—the way it’s said is so entertaining I don’t mind.”
~ Cinco Paul, Screenwriter, “Despicable Me,” “Despicable Me 2”

“Justin Tanner, the beyond belief brilliant Los Angeles playwright, director, and creator, recently took a two-year digression into writing about film. As I had expected, Tanner is insightful, passionate, filled with steely confidence and often wildly hilarious.
~ Tim Page, Pulitzer Prize for Criticism (1997)

“As a film critic, Justin Tanner creates with courage, writes with bravery and doesn’t consider the aftermath. He is reckless with words. That’s his strength. I just love him.”
~ French Stewart, Actor, “Third Rock from the Sun,” “Will Trent”

“Justin Tanner’s film reviews are like his plays: smart, funny, touching, and very personal. They are short essays on how cinema can change your life. I judge a person by their taste in movies and Mr. Tanner gets a big thumbs up.”
~ Larry Karaszewski, Screenwriter ”Ed Wood,” “The People Vs. Larry Flynt”

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